Our Boats

We have 2 almost identical Island Hopper boats ‘Island Venture’ and ‘Diversity’. These are both Coast Guard Inspected and carry the latest safety gear on board.  We are inspected each year on the safety equipment that we carry and to ensure the boats are seaworthy.  Every other year we have an additional inspection where the boats are taken out of the water and the hull inspected and repainted.

The photograph to the right is of Island Venture during its inspection and repaint in January 2017.




Island Venture

Our boats are each licensed for 15 divers but we generally only have a maximum of 10 divers as this ensures everybody is comfortable and have enough space to gear up.  After all we want you to have the best experience possible!






Access to the reef from our boats is simple and quick with the ladders at the rear the platform is almost on the water so you do not have far to jump!