Dive Key Largo during January!

Dive Key Largo during January

Come and dive Key Largo during January the water is beautiful!

Key Largo reefs often have great visibility during January although the water can be a little cooler than summer months at around 76F but the diving is still amazing.

Water Temperature

Wearing a wetsuit is necessary to keep warm and comfortable during your dive. Remember that 76F is warm air on land and nice and comfortable but being in the water for an hour at a time at 76F will chill your body.

Keeping Warm during January

We suggest that 3mm or 5mm wetsuit will keep you warm on reef dives.  There are also wetsuits for rent from our shop to ensure you can keep warm. If you have one of your own wetsuits you could also use one of our shorty wetsuits over the top to keep your core warm and toasty during January.  Hats or hood are also a good idea.  We prefer hats or beanies over hoods as they are not tight on your ears, neck and face so tend to be more comfortable but its personal preference.

Bringing a waterproof jacket with you is also a great idea as the wind may chill you between dives and a waterproof jacket will help stop this.  We also suggest guests bring towels for after the dive and something warm to change into. There will be hot showers awaiting you when you return to our dock at Jules undersea park.

We still dive all sites in Key Largo from Carrysfort in the north to Pickles in the south. Our favorites are the more Northern dive sites as they tend to have less current and great visibility. You will still see great fish life during January. If you dress for the colder water you will have a great Stress Free dive!

Surface view of Carrysfort Lighthouse during January

Carrysfort reef in January

Diversity on Elbow Reef during January

Diversity on Elbow Reef

Diver under our boat Diversity showing water clarity during dive in Key Largo during January

Great Visibility in January!


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